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Pocket Rocket is a pure, concentrated form of liquid caffeine that can also be mixed with any beverage to give you a natural boost of concentration and energy!

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Pocket perfect anytime, anywhere natural energy. Convenient single serving packets deliver a boost of pure caffeine.

Pocket perfect serving size - 200 mg of pure caffeine - free of any artificial additives. Pure caffeine is a clear, energy boost for your busy day.

No additives = No jitters! Take a shot or juice your concentration without adverse effects from sugars and artificial ingredients!

Pocket Rocket

Organic caffeine is the perfect natural stimulant.

Pocket Rocket does not mess with perfection! We offer the purest caffeine in the perfect amount to re-energize your concentration without anxiety and restlessness.

For your convenience, Pocket Rocket is offered in single serving size.

Drink from the packet or make any beverage your personal Pocket Rocket!


Single serving Pocket Rocket offers the most convenience for on-the-go energy.


Pure, organic caffeine plus an all natural sweetener so you can ditch all the chemicals.


Pocket Rocket's single serving packets contain 200 mg of caffeine - the equivalent of two cups of coffee.

Pure Energy Plus Pocket Perfect Convenience

With Pocket Rocket, you know exactly how much pure, natural caffeine you are getting.

Any beverage can become a perfect portion of instant energy, just reach into your pocket!

Pocket Rocket — energy when you need it most.

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